Multiple Teams · December Scholar Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to Derek Edwards and Anna Veltein on being named the Mead Maverick December Scholar Athletes of the Month. Both Derek and Anna are perfect examples of what being a Maverick is all about. Anna and Derek both play multiple sports while dominating in the classroom as well. Beyond that both are members of the Tri-Valley athletic leadership council, meeting semi-annually with their competitors in an effort to establish proper sporting environments at all league activities.


Anna, a junior is a standout athlete at Mead High School. Lettering and earning All-Conference in both softball and basketball. She is a leader in the school, the classroom,  and in the community and we at Mead are lucky to have her. Beyond her athletic success Anna sports a G.P.A. north of 4.0 while ranking in the top 20 of her class currently.

Coach Rathbun had this to say about Anna, ” Anna demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities.  She is a quiet leader, very positive, but is the person that will take the lead when the team needs it the most.  All of her teammates look up to her particularly when times are the most difficult.”

When asked why she thought it was important to be successful in both the academic and athletic realm this is what Anna had to say, “It is important for me to be successful in both academics and athletics because it will help me get into college. Through academics and athletics I have learned many valuable life lessons that I will be able to carry with me throughout my life. Both academics and athletics play a major role in my life, and I think that it’s very important for me to always try me best in both. Eventually my hard work will pay off as well.” We at Mead would say it already is paying off Anna!!!!

When asked what motivates Anna to be so successful she had this to say, “I’m motivated to be the best in everything that I do. I’m self motivated and self driven to be the best that I can be. Whether it’s in sports or in the classroom, I hold myself to the highest standards. I also believe that if I want to be a successful individual it is important for me to give 110% in everything I do.”

Congrats Anna on setting the bar high for other Mavericks to achieve.


Derek Edwards is a perfect example of what we want from our student-athletes at Mead High. A 3-sport varsity athlete who also excels in the classroom and in all of his sports Derek is a rarity it seems these days. An All-Conference football player (TE/LB), a versatile player for the basketball team, and a standout on the baseball team, Derek still finds time to do well in the classroom as well. Derek has a cumulative G.P.A. of 4.0 and ranks in the top 25 of his class all the while having not had 1 day off of sports since football began.

Coach Reese had the following to say about Derek, ” Derek is a true leader, he is coachable young man and an excellent teammate. Derek does not worry about stats or personal gain, all he wants is team success. He is also an excellent student-athlete with a great attitude.”

When asked why he makes a conscious effort to excel at both academics and athletics Derek had this to say, ” It is important to me to be successful in both academics and athletics because it helps you create good habits of striving for success in everything in your life.  Personally, it helps me create a balance or safety net  in my life because I know that if I have an education to fall back on, it won’t matter if my athletics don’t go the way I planned them to go.” Pretty good wisdom from a successful young man.

 When pressed about his motivations as a young male at Mead he had this to say, ” My motivations to be successful as a teenager at Mead High school are that I strive to be a proud representative of our school and growing community. Also, my future in college and beyond motivate me to put the work in now, whether it be in academics or athletics, so the future will take care of itself.”
Thank you Derek and Anna for being such wonderful representatives of Mead and deserving award winners for December.
GO MAVS!!!!!