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Congratulations to our March Scholar Athlete Award Winners Jessica Keener(SR) and Connor Zsidisin(SR). Both Connor and Jess have been excellent representatives of Mead High School and our athletic department for their 4 years here at Mead and this honor is a small token of our appreciation for all they have offered our great school.


Jessica, a senior at Mead has lettered all 4 years in girls soccer here at Mead, lending her leadership and work ethic to each of the teams she has been a member of. This spring season she added 3 game winning goals and 8 assists to her already impressive resume as a Maverick soccer player. Her work in the classroom is even more impressive. Currently ranked #2 in the senior class Jess’ transcript is littered in only A’s. Her phenomenal work in the school and in the community has definitely left a permanent foot print here at Mead for students and athletes alike.

Coach Adler had this to say about Jess, ” Jessica is an outstanding student athlete. On the field Jessica is a leader. She works hard to make herself better, and inspires her teammates to do the same. She comes to practice everyday ready to learn and help her team in every way possible. Jessica is the first to celebrate with her team, but also the first to pick a teammate up in hard times.

Off the field she is simply amazing. She is a member of NHS, has a 4.0 G.P.A, and is graduating salutatorian of her class. Most of all, Jessica Keener is a kind, caring young lady with a tremendous amount of character. She has a very bright future that will be full of success in all endeavors.” Coach Adler could not have said it any better!!!
When talking to Jess about success she had to following to say, ” It is important to me to be successful in both academics and athletics because being successful in both has allowed me to develop certain skills stronger than I would have without one or the other. Through succeeding in both academics and athletics I have figured out how to push myself mentally and physically by taking challenging classes, or physically and mentally pushing through the last minutes of game. I have also learned how to deal with stress, whether it be passing an exam or playing hard in a close game. Both of these areas of my life have also made me the hard worker I am because I know I can succeed in both and I will work hard to continue being successful.”
I also asked Jesse about what it meant to be a Mead Maverick, and again, she nailed the answer, “Being a member of Mead Athletics has helped me grow in so many ways. Since the school is new and the athletics are developing with the school, I have been able to grow and change as the athletics do as well. Mead athletics carry a great sense of pride in every sport and every game, we pride ourselves on good sportsmanship, hard work, and integrity. As a member of Mead Athletics I have not only been able to develop my skills as a player, but I have also developed a better sense of character in those areas I just listed.”
Best of luck at CSU next year Jess!!!
Connor Zsidisin, a senior at Mead High is set to graduate from Mead High School in 2 weeks time. When Connor walks across that state there is no doubt that his Mead experience will be as complete as anybody’s. Connor ranks in the top part of his class, has a GPA north of 3.8 and has participated in football, band, and baseball all 4 years at Mead. His dedication to hard work and excellence is unmatched by his peers and for that, we are thankful.
Coach Click had the following to say about Connor,”Connor has an amazing attitude on the baseball diamond and will do anything a coach asks him to do. He has supported the team in numerous roles, both on and off the field. He has a tireless work ethic and a positive attitude that is contagious to other players. It is kids like Connor that make coming to work each easy”
When asked about why Connor has been so determined to be a success in everything he does he stated, “It is important to me to be successful in athletics and academics because of the challenges it presents. I strive to be great in everything I do and when I set my mind to something I finish it”
I also asked Connor how Mead and its community has helped prepare Connor for life after graduation, ” The support I get from my teachers, coaches, and fellow students has prepared me for life after graduation. The community feeling of support that Mead presents is something I will remember for the rest of my life”
Best of luck at  Montana State University Connor!!!
Congratulations again to Jesse and Connor, two examples of what it means to be a Maverick in every sense of the meaning.