The program was founded in 2009 and a proud tradition began and grows stronger every year. Wrestling was one of only 3 sports to compete at the Varsity level in the school’s first year, notching 3 dual meet wins. Since 2009 the program has had:

4 State Champions

12 State place-winners

10 Regional Champions

57 Regional place-winners

27 All Conference wrestlers

13 All Conference Honorable mention wrestlers

6 Academic All-State wrestlers


Wrestling is demanding but unique in that it gives all young people an equal opportunity to participate.  The sport of wrestling will give young adults the chance to experience and accomplish things which would be impossible for them to experience or to accomplish anywhere else.  Mead wrestling will be well respected, and our wrestler’s should enhance that respect by our actions both on and off the mat.

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MHS Records

Past Team Results

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1st Takedown in Program History – Ian Stinson v. Brush 12/03/2009

1st Win in program History – Ian Stinson v. Brush 12/03/2009

1st Fall(s) in program History – Ian Stinson, Greg Rademacher, Eric Rademacher, Nick Baldwin  v. Brush 12/03/2009

1st dual meet win in program History – 33-29 vs. Antonito at Duster Duals 12/19/2009

1st Team tournament win in program History – TBA

1st Regional Place-winner(s) – 2011 – Cody Heskett 3rd 103, Austin Van Hooker 5th 112, Alex Mead 5th 135, Ian Stinson 5th 140, Kyle Couch 2nd 145, Nick Baldwin 5th 152, Greg Rademacher 3rd, Eric Rademacher 5th 171 and Nick Testroet 6th 285.

1st Regional Champion(s) – 2012 – Austin Van Hooker 120 and Kyle Couch 152

1st State Place-winner – 2011 – Kyle Couch 3rd 145

1st State Champion – 2013 – Kyle Couch 182

Ian Stinson, Nick Baldwin, Greg Rademacher and Eric Rademacher vs. Brush 12/03/2009

Ian Stinson – 1st takedown and win in program history vs. Brush 12/03/2009


2009-2010 Mead Wrestling Team *1st in school history
Kyle Couch 1st State Champion 2013 182 lbs.