Team Handbook

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2018 Cross Country Handbook – Google Docs


2018 Clarifications and Revisions

Unexcused absences are not acceptable and are detrimental to team growth and achievement. One unexcused absence in a week will result in suspension from the following meet, and three for the season will result in expulsion from the team. To excuse an absence, tardiness, or early departure there must be written explanation given to coaches prior to the absence. An excused absence from an entire school day is sufficient as well. If there are consistent “excused” absences from team events, coaches, parents/guardians, and the athlete will have a meeting to discuss conflicts and take further action. Please keep this in mind when you schedule appointments for your athlete. Additionally, practice will begin at 2:30pm everyday that school is in session. Athletes are considered present for a practice if they arrive on time and complete the team-prescribed workout.

  1. These must be approved by the coaching staff at least 24 hours in advance of practice.
  2. Beginning the second week of practice, athletes are allowed one (1) approved and “excused” absence in a given week. Should they require more than one (1), they will not compete in the next scheduled meet.
    1. This is not intended to mean that athletes can miss one practice per week, but to allow for extenuating circumstances.
  3. We are thrilled that we have a growing number of athletes that want to compete in cross country while playing other sports and participating in other activities. However, for the sake of team goals and improvement, we will not allow any athlete to run a substitute “workout” apart from the team. We will differentiate as each athlete requires, but seek to achieve team unity and excellence.